Citizens Police Academy
Sergeant Stacie Gregory, Academy Director
Your Town
Your Police
Your Self
 The Academy runs for eight consecutive Wednesdays from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.  The class is free and open to people who live or work in Sausalito.  
Anyone who is interested in attending the Sausalito Citizens’ Police Academy should contact:

Sergeant Stacie Gregory
289-4100 extension 696
Sausalito Citizen's Police Academy
  “The Citizen’s Police Academy is an important way to strengthen the partnership between the community and the police for our shared public safety goals.”  

- Scott Paulin, Chief of Police
Topics Covered
Law Enforcement Ethics
Officer Safety
Shooting Simulator
Emergency Management
Drug Recognition
Criminal Law
Fire Department
Volunteers in Public Safety
DUI Investigations
Community Oriented
Take Part In A Unique Experience
 Once each year the Sausalito Police Department puts on its very own Citizens’ Police Academy, which is designed to give you an inside look at how your police department operates.  Those who live or work in the city of Sausalito are encouraged to participate.
Each class focuses on topics that provide an essential part of police work:  use of force,  drug and alcohol situations, emergency preparedness (in conjunction with the Southern Marin Fire Department), and DUI investigations.  Class participants also get the opportunity to be involved in a video simulation of shoot/don't shoot scenarios.
Participation in the Citizens’ Police Academy includes the chance to go on two “ride-alongs” accompanying a police officer on duty, one on a night shift and the other during the day shift.
The Academy is also a great way to get to know the police officers who protect your town on a more personal basis.  The Department has gained some very dear friends through contacts made in the Academy.
   Karin Williams, a long time Sausalito resident, participated in the Academy class and encourages others to do the same: "The Sausalito Citizens’ Academy provided me the opportunity to see first-hand the intensity and dedication which our police officers apply on our behalf, every hour, every day. To have a glimpse into their high-intensity, very demanding world for even a few weeks' time was awesome and inspiring, and truly a privilege. I think everyone in Sausalito should take this class.  It's a win-win situation."
     If you are interested in the Academy and live or work in Sausalito, contact:
Sergeant Stacie Gregory
289-4100 ext.696